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Coyotes Youth Hockey Hub Network


There is ICE in Tucson?

Quick answer… YES!  We are currently practicing at the TCC.

When is the season?

The season runs roughly from the end of September or early October to the end of March.  This is all dependent on when the TCC has ice available.  We do registration in late August to early September.

Where should my kids start?

It depends on the skating ability of each child.  Most will start in Learn to Play and progress to a team.  This can happen quickly or slowly, with parents consent.  Returning skaters or those with experience can start on a team.  Note that children 8 and under will start on a team, as the level of skating and such at that level is basic and all are learning hockey together.

What is Stick and Puck?

Stick and Puck is open practice for anyone with a valid USA hockey number.  All players, including Learn to Play participants and parents are welcome.  There is a fee of $10 per skater.  Coaches may be on the ice but this is an unstructured open practice that encourages players to work on what they would like to.

Are we the Wildcat Youth Hockey or Junior Roadrunners?

So we are in the middle of a name change.  The teams are Junior Roadrunners.  The association is still the Wildcat Youth Hockey Association.  We will remain that way until the tax and 501(c)3 have been officially processed. 

How long has the WYHA been around?

The Wildcat Youth Hockey Association is in it’s 6th season

Where do you practice and play games?

We are currently playing at the Tucson Convention Center when ice is available.  Some teams do travel to play games.  Travel is almost always the Phoenix area and may include Flagstaff.

Can you guarantee ice time?

In short, no.  We work hard to get as much ice from the TCC as we can, but events at the TCC may prevent us from getting the time we would like.  We negotiate the ice time with the TCC monthly.

How much is the equipment?

This is a good question.  There is a lot of used equipment (we even sell some) as well as play it again Sport on Oracle.  There are lots of places online, feel free to ask any parent where they prefer!  We also can rent some equipment for a very reasonable price.  Outside of that, a stick can cost $15 all the way up to what the pros use for a few hundred. Used equipment is great at this level then as your child develops and grows you can piece together better equipment.

Do you recommend any specific equipment?

We want the kids to be safe, so full equipment for hockey (HECC certified helmet, neck guard (recommended), mouthpiece, elbow pads, shoulder pads, hockey pants, shin guards, skates) A few parents do recommend baseball slide shorts for under the hockey pant.  An inexpensive stick and hockey skates (comfortable) is all that is needed at this level.