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Spring League Information



We are sending this out again as there have been a couple of changes, specifically to the cost for Spring Hockey. Please take the time to read through this and make a note of the updates.


We have finalized our plans for the spring league. It will start March 25th and 26th and run twice a week when available through April 11th (Monday/Wednesday for 8U/18U and Tuesday/Thursday for 10U/12U/14U). The cost for Spring Hockey will be $60 (a significant reduction which is due to the growing possibility that the Roadrunners may not qualify for the playoffs.)  Since we are unable to update the existing Spring registration process, the reduced price is currently available by using the coupon code: SPRING60. Additionally, we will be issuing refunds of $140 to anyone who has already registered and was charge the higher price of $200 (continue reading for details about the refund.)


(1) AGE UP


- Just like last season, the spring league age groups will be based on next season. Along that same line, there is no age specific online registration choice and you'll have to check the main schedule on (make sure the Calendar tab is selected at the bottom of the screen). Here is the age breakdown:


18U - 2004 birth year and older

14U - 2005-2006 birth year

12U - 2007-2008 birth year

10U - 2009-2010 birth year

8U -  2011 birth year and younger  





8U - 6:15-7:15PM

18U - 7:30-8:45PM (also Saturday April 13 at 2:45)



10U - 6:15-7:15PM

12U/14U - 7:30-8:45PM (also Saturday April 13 at 1:15)


For 8Us, we are going to have the boards up on Wednesdays for cross-ice games. For 10Us, we may have cross ice 3-on-3 games with the boards up on Thursdays, depending on the size of the group. 


The schedule is posted on The Sports Engine app will not show the times because the age group tabs cannot be changed mid-season. Go to the Calendar tab on and make sure the "Calendar" box is selected at the bottom if you don't see anything.  


(3) FEE

The registration fee for Spring Hockey is $60 per player. This price is available by utilizing the coupon code SPRING60 at checkout in SportsEngine. Please note that the previous cost of $200 will show until you enter the coupon code.



Goalie registrations are $60. In the past, goalies have been charge 50%, but we are offering our 10U/12U/14U goalies the chance to skate both hours on Tuesday and Thursday and our 14U goalies can participate in the 18U hour on Mondays and Wednesdays (essentially doubling their available ice time at no additional charge.)



Here is the link: You already have a USA Hockey number that is good through August 31, 2019 so just click CONTINUE at the bottom of the first screen and continue on from there.  



Any necessary refunds will be assessed at the close of Spring Hockey in the amount of $140 for any player who was registered prior to the price reduction. We will send out a separate email when those refunds have been scheduled for processing.


We appologize for the inconvenience of a price change, but we always want to be honest about our expectations for the season and are always willing to adjust costs and schedules when there are major changes to what we are able to offer to our players and families.


Thank you all for being a part of Spring Hockey!